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 On December 7, 2005 the designation of the MPLRA as the local redevelopment authority for Fort McPherson was officially recognized by the Department of Defense.

Before the end of 2006, Army officials would need to complete closure planning, conduct inventories, and assess potential reuse strategies.  On December 8, 2005 the MPLRA chairman and staff held a preliminary meeting with the project manager representing the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management – BRAC Division and his consultants – the Staubach Company – to discuss initial surveys and studies being conducted by Staubach.  Although an updated version of the Base Redevelopment and Realignment Manual (the “BRRM”) was not to be made available for the next few weeks, it was understood that the Army standing-down process would begin within two years and be completed within six years of the November 9 beginning date (September 15, 2011).     


An early phase of the planning process would be the formulation of a “vision” for the reuse of the property that would be communicated to the reuse planners.  Some of the overall goals that may be included in the visioning process are (1) economic diversification to develop a diverse, growth-oriented employment base that maximizes economic opportunity and positions the area for the new century; and (2) military facility reuse and redevelopment that takes best possible advantage of the existing facilities and the development potential of the property while maximizing the quantity and utility of federal resources; integrating the planning process with the required environmental reviews; and using the existing infrastructure to advance the area’s economic, environmental and planning goals.  


The MPLRA published a Notice of Surplus Federal Property to state and local governments, homeless service providers and other interested parties in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on June 4, 2006 and again on June 9, 2006.  Between June 9, 2006 and September 25, 2006 the MPLRA received Notices of Interest from 22 homeless service providers, indicating their desire to establish programs to provide assistance and services to homeless persons and families from the communities in the vicinity of Fort McPherson. (An in-depth history of the homeless service provider selection process and HUD application can be found in the “HUD” section of this website).

The MPLRA successfully prepared a “Fort McPherson Outreach and Landuse Plan” that was approved by the MPLRA simultaneously with the approval of the HUD Application at its meeting on September 11, 2007.  The HUD Application was submitted to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development on September 22, 2007.

Dissolution Plan

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the MPLRA was held on February 16, 2010.  The MPLRA determined at that meeting that it was advisable and in the best interests of the Authority that it be dissolved and its assets be distributed pursuant to state laws.  The MPLRA authorized and approved the dissolution of the (MPLRA) Authority and the distribution of its assets.  A plan of dissolution was accepted and is currently being followed for the future dissolution of the MPLRA in the coming months. 


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