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Our overall goal is to gain ownership of and direct the redevelopment of the 488-acre former Fort McPherson to create jobs and promote economic development.  Our plan is to create a Science Park/Employment Center/Live, Work, Learn and Play Community containing 3.5 million square feet of labs and office, 1,747 units of residential development and a campus style collaborative environment to house Georgia’s core competencies in vaccines, infectious diseases, neurosciences and other targeted sciences.

Jobs and Revenues

Within the first 10 years of development, 5,000 jobs will be created generating approximately $12 million in annual state income tax revenues.  At build-out, 10,600 jobs will be created and the state will collect $1.8 million in annual on-site sales taxes; $3.5 million per year in property tax revenues and $24 million in annual state income tax revenues.*
* Huntley Associates Estimate August 2010


McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority
86 Pryor Street Suite 300 Atlanta, Ga 30303